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That's what our graduates share

"Dear Camille, thank you so much for this opportunity to attend an aerial TTC online. The course was awesome for me, very detailed, complete and I really enjoyed it. And in case we need a help, you are always avaiable. This is precious. I am very grateful to you! Thank you so much"

Claudia, Italy

"Dear Camille, I enjoyed the online course very much! The way you share your knowledge is so professional, valuable and super sympathetic! Although I already have an aerial yoga certificate that I obtained not online but in real life, I thought this one with you was so many times much better! Thank you !!!"

Isabel Drimer, Germany

"I really love your spirit Girl! 💖 Thank you so much for your jolly hard work to share the joy of aerial yoga with the world. Cant wait the L3 training and fly even higher with you. Warm, rainy and windy regards from Estonian girl who lives in England. Lots of love 💕"

Katlin Magi, UK

"Hey there! I love this course! I have recently attended an in-person aerial yoga teacher training course that was twice as expensive and didn't provide even 5% of the value that this course has."

Calina Ardelean, Romania

“One of the most amazing trainings that I had! I highly recommend it. I am feeling grateful for learning from Camille!”

Eva Karakoudi (RYT-200), Greece

I am very happy to have participated in the course. Complete, clear, full of interesting insights. An exceptional resource. I can't wait to start Level 2. Thank you Camille!!!

Valentina Margaria, Italy

“I liked it a lot. It was my first experience at taking such a course and I’m happy that I did with CamiyogAIR. Everything was super clear. I really didn’t have any questions, not because I’m not interested, just because everything was understandable. Thank you so much!”

Daria Krueger, Germany

"Cami, this was such a great course! I enjoyed it a lot. It was very clear and informative."

Whitney Matonis, USA

LOVE IT! Such a great course! I am eagerly waiting for level 2! :)

Margherita Stammati, Spain

“Thank you!! This has been a great course!!”

Jenna Price, UK

"Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge of yoga with us!! you´re really good and your explanations and instructions are clear and helpful. :) I look forward for the second level!"

Simonetta Cavarra, Spain

I really enjoyed the course! I have been teaching yoga for years and this course definitelly made me fall in love with AY! You are very clear and professional and most importantly you transmit a very genuine passione for this practice. I look forward to Level II and III !

Linda Germanis, Italy

"Hi Cami! I just completed the course and i loved it! So, thank you so much for sharing with us all your knowlwgde and experience. I also wanted to thank you because you have motivated and inspired me to one day teach classes in English and not only in my first language, Spanish."

Belén Zamora, Chile

Thank you for the wonderful, clear and precise guidance. I really enjoyed re- learning some foundations of Yoga and I really like how well you incorporate the Aerial side, with the

Classic Yoga Asanas.

Beautiful as always Cami



Canticle Clark, Canada

This was a fantastic course, I have really enjoyed learning with you, so much so that I have signed up for level 2! thank you Camille xx"

Jo Winter, UK

"Thank you very much . Lovely course. Well taught, plenty information. Perfectly set out. Help at hand when needed. Would definitely recommend"

Lynne Moreno, Spain

"Excellent and detailed course. Highly recommend! Looking forward to Level 3 training. Thank you Cami. xo"

Sarah Ismail, Canada

"Thank you Cami for this fun and detailed course!"

Carol Nelson, South Africa

"Thank you Camille for this incredible course. You're perfect, as usual! I'm a fan! I'm very happy to have come across your online courses: the content is precise and very rigorous. Your availability to respond to my requests is brilliant. I'm already looking forward to the next course."

Blardone Line, Switzerland

"Thank you so much for being a great teacher I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot new things from you. I appreciate it so much for everything"

Linda Chavoshi, Turkey

"Thank you dear Cami, I thought the lesson was great. I didn't know many of the exercises yet and so I learned new things.

You explain everything very well and laugh a lot, I like that. I have been teaching 3 times a week for 1.5 years and so I took a few exercises into class on Saturday and tried to practise them. I succeeded quite well. I'm looking forward to taking part in the Level 2 training.

Thank you very much Steffi from Hamburg"

Stefanie Faradi, Germany

"Very nice content and learned a lot from this course especially transitions between poses to make the class more challenging and fun. All my students loved my class. Thank you Camille. And I'm looking forward to level 3 class and and wants to learn more flip tricks from you."

Luyao Gong, Florida, USA

"Dear Camille,

extraordinary and inspiring! Excellent explanation of all the exercises.

I already know some of these, as I have been doing aerial yoga for several years. But I didn't think that all these derivatives were possible. All these combinations and variants offer the opportunity to make training hours really interesting and dynamic. When I master and remember all the asanas, I'll definitely see you at Aerial Yoga Level 2 :)

Thanks again for all the dedication and enthusiasm you show in all the videos."

Helena Zalokar Kuhar, Slovenia

"Dear Camille

I loved going over the basics of Aerial Yoga with you Camille. Thank you for your generosity, your naturalness and your incredible presence in front of the camera: I felt like I had you by my side, like a private class.

Your course is complete, easy to access. The content of the training was dense and you made it accessible and simple. All your instructions are simple and precise. The adjustments you propose are magical, for me as a teacher and for the students!

Your manual is incredibly well done and well thought out, all the postures presented and other explanations flow into each other. This document shows how serious you are about this training.

I was a bit afraid to do the course in English because my level of English is low but you use simple vocabulary (and I must also say thank you to DeppL translate) 

I can't wait to start Level 2.

With all my heart: thank you

I hope to meet you once, in real life 😊"

Line Blardone, Switzerland

"I just finished the course and I really enjoyed it. Creating an online TT course is not easy. Especially for AY which contains a lot of safety and student's guidance aspects. How to transmit this knowledge behind a camera, without direct contact? You found a good way to highlight these points with your demonstrations of the common mistakes and the role-plays with Christina. They were very useful! Thank you! Also, the explanations, the videos and the manual are very clear and easy to follow. I have graduated several other AY-TT before yours. 2 of them were online, but none of these online-ones did take the mistakes and cueing-adaptation seriously enough. So thank you for taking time to develop this topic throughout the training. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn when the next levels of training will get available :-) Thanks again and see you soon!"

Cyrille C., Switzerland

"I loved the entire journey from her first video to the certification. She gives full explanation of the poses, the theory, the benefits, the alternatives and most importantly the common mistakes with a captivating and easy to understand way.This is so valuable to me and my preparation for teaching. Her enthusiasm made me looking forward to the next video and I am really thankful for her confidence boost on teaching. I am definitely going back to material again and again and I am really looking forward to the next levels online training. Continue inspiring us!!!!"

Varvara Tzika, Netherlands

"Dear Camille, Thank you for your teacher training course. I really enjoyed it! Every part of your training was well prepared and contained useful, systematic information. You are a super woman teacher with huge knowledge and also you love your work and it reflects in everything you do :) I hope so we will meet someday in person :) Looking forward for next trainings."

Daria, Poland

"I know Camille when she teaches aerial yoga on youtube. I like to follow her to do aerial yoga, because the explanation is very clear, step by step. I am really happy to know that she has online aerial yoga teacher training.


I have participated in Camille’s online teacher training. I think the course is very practical. I can learn how to be a aerial yoga teacher from the foundation. The video explanation is very clear, and I can review it at any time to learn more. In addition, manual is very useful, the text and pictures are very clear.

The benefits of online learning have no geographical boundaries, and I can follow an experienced teacher. Thank you for my teacher – Camille."

Esther, Hong Kong

"Thanks so much this has been a brilliant course! Initially I was worried that doing it online would not be enough preparation for teaching but that was absolutely not the case and I feel fully confident that I will be able to help students to enjoy the freedom that aerial yoga brings! There was a huge ammount of detail but it was covered in a logical and easy to follow way. I can't wait to start teaching my Yorkshire yogis! Thanks again!"

Mary Cuthbert, UK

"Dear Camille, I just finish the course, and i really love it. it is well structure, with clear instruction and detailed demonstrations so everything is easy to follow. Thank you so much for making this online AY Teacher Training, it really help me with my practice. looking forward for your next course love from Indonesi…"

Tia Yustitia, Indonesia

"Hi Camille I just wanted to say a huge big thank you for putting together such a wonderful training course. This has definitely been the best course online and in person that I have ever attended. I loved the structure, the videos, your explanation and the personal touch. You make us feel like we are in the room with you and are available to answer any questions we may have along the way.

This online course is the best one I have enrolled in. It is very comprehensive with so much content available. The videos are so helpful and very explanatory giving you time to practice each posture. The accompanying manual is like a bible which is great to refer to when creating class programs. Camille is always on hand to answer any questions you have and the comments attached to the content are really helpful if you have questions along the way. A truly amazing course and looking forward to starting the advanced level course now it has been published."

Wendy Gibbs, UK

"I just wanted to THANK YOU for creating this course, I can only imagine the time, the effort, the skills and the LOVE that you put into this course to create not only all the videos but also the manual. I've been practising Aerial for a few years now and I've decided to start teaching (actually I've been teaching for the last 3 months so far!). In my opinion, in Italy there isn't a proper Course on Aerial, and at the beginning I was a bit skeptical about doing an online-course, but...I have to say your course in perfect! You have the ability to explain everything so well that it almost felt like I was with you in your studio! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Also I want to say that until now I got 8 of your hammocks and they are the best quality ever..the fabric, the color, the texture of them...amazing! With much love from Italy"

Gioia Porcu, Italy

"Camille's Level 1 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training was just amazing! Very clear instructions on how to execute the postures and transitions yourself AND how to correct/adjust your students. I liked the bonus classes and introduction to prenatal aerial yoga. As a 200RYT, I found it a very complete course that'll allow me to start teaching Aerial Yoga straight away. I can't wait to begin teaching and later take the Level 2 training! Thank you very much for this! :)"

Livia Gebara Miranda, Italy

"Thank you so much for a really good teacher training! You motivate, you teach in a really good way, and you have really good values that I share when it comes to teaching. I will join your other courses as well for sure, and have already recommended you for other teachers here in Northern-Norway. Lots of love from ALTA <3"

Kati Heimen, Norway

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful course, Camille! I have enjoyed every single minute of it, and have had the utmost pleasure learning from and with you. My journey as a mat yoga instructor was serendipitous, more by “mistake” than by purpose. So, I have been reluctant to teach from the very beginning after finishing my 200hr TT. I started instead as a certified flexibility yoga instructor, and then decided to do the 200hr TT. BUT, I do not actually teach mat-based yoga—other than flexibility yoga—because it doesn’t feel natural to me… or maybe I’m too shy (!?!?)


On the other hand, after taking this fabulous Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with you, I cannot wait to start teaching it!!! :) I already have classes ideas floating around in my head, and it’s all thanks to you, your warmth, professionalism in teaching and excellent good humor and encouragement.


I am fascinated by the way you teach (I started taking your YouTube classes long before I took the plunge and registered to be an aerial yoga instructor taught by YOU!), as well as by your clear and in-depth explanations, your playful nature and all that marvelous inner child energy that you encourage each one of us to give wings to during class. You are a marvel and I couldn’t feel more proud of having taking this Level 1 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with you as my teacher and guide. I’ll start teaching beginner aerial yoga classes right away, but I’m also starting your Level 2 course without delay, and then I’ll do the Yin/Restorative Aerial Yoga with Low Silk/Hammock, as well as your Level 3 course when you have it ready for the rest of us to keep having the pleasure of learning and growing with you.


Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for being such an amazing and magical Aerial Yoga instructor and teacher trainer!"

Adriana Adarve Cuéllar, USA

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