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LEVEL 1: Beginner

with Camille Shakti (@camiyogair)

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Our graduate shares:

"This online course is the best one I have enrolled in. It is very comprehensive with so much content available. The videos are so helpful and very explanatory giving you time to practice each posture. The accompanying manual is like a bible which is great to refer to when creating class programs. Camille is always on hand to answer any questions you have and the comments attached to the content are really helpful if you have questions along the way. A truly amazing course."

Wendy Gibbs, UK

Learn to fly and teach others to spread their inner wings!

Deepen your aerial yoga practice at home or become an aerial yoga teacher! Join the CamiyogAIR Aerial Yoga Teacher training Level 1: Fundamentals & Beginner, accredited by Yoga Alliance as 50-hour Continuing Education!


Do you want to know more about aerial yoga & benefits? Read here.


You will learn over 150 different exercises and asanas in the air as well as on the mat using the silk/hammock, based on our unique CamiyogAIR aerial yoga method with authentic CamiyogAIR Sun Salutations, exercises and asanas.


This course offers all the benefits and convenience of online instruction without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio trainings.

Convenience, flexibility, and a comprehensive curriculum that can prepare you for students at every stage of their practice.

The course is around 25 hours of content paired with a further 25 hours of practice and includes 100 video sessions, a comprehensive 200 page teacher training manual which is easy to follow, includes colour photos & descriptions and can be printed if you'd like a physical manual during your study or for reference later.

This is the first course in the series of upcoming courses and we invite students to work their way through all levels and specialities to become the best possible teachers: 

Purchase 2 courses at the same time and save 20% (220 EUR)!

Purchase 3 courses at the same time and save 25% (387 EUR)!

Who Is This For?


  • Yoga teachers who wish to offer aerial yoga classes

  • Students who love aerial yoga and wish to know more about the practice

  • Experienced yoga instructors looking for new information and ongoing training

  • New instructors looking for guidance and support

  • Anyone who loves Aerial Yoga!

Camiyogair oro jogos juostos hamakai jog
oro joga aerial yoga camiyoga camille sh

You will Learn:

  • Principles of Yoga & Aerial Yoga 

  • Anatomy & Alignment

  • The fundamentals of theoretical and practical parts of aerial yoga including correct transitions into / out of asanas and exercises

  • Key benefits of each pose

  • Progressions building up to more challenging postures

  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Adaption of the pose to various body types, health conditions, physical abilities

  • Critical situations and how to avoid them

  • Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)

  • Meditation

  • Mudras

  • Deep Relaxation (Savasana)

  • Teaching methodology

  • Creating space & connecting to the students

  • Safety, warnings and contraindications

  • Structure of the class

  • Sequencing

  • Rigging / hanging of the aerial Silk to include different environments.

  • BONUS: Prenatal Aerial Yoga


A great aerial yoga teacher is defined not by performing hard to copy breathtaking aerial yoga tricks or how wide their split is, but by knowing how to lead the class, how to adapt the pose to each person, how to react and solve critical situations quickly and safely, how to set new goals and reach them together and above all to inspire the students. In other words it's great being able to do epic tricks and being bendy but there is so much more to being a motivational and inspirational teacher. Our love for all things aerial yoga should drive us to share the excitement and chalenge with others but of course, as a teacher you should never forget your own practice and developing your skills. By continually growing you'll be able to share more!

After years of practice and experience in aerial yoga and teaching over 5,000+ hours of yoga classes, teacher training courses, workshops, retreats and gaining so much knowledge of teaching aerial yoga and meeting various people with different body types, health issues, injuries and facing challenging situations, I discovered how aerial yoga leads to improvement and can benefit everyone with whatever goals they have. 

I felt that it was time to systematise everything that I’ve learned over the years and pass it on to others who desire to teach aerial yoga or further their own practice. I have spent time to develop my aerial yoga method where I was looking for a way to adapt a pose to each person, so that the pose would be accessible to everyone, also, putting emphasis on alignment, presentation of the class and the space you create as a teacher. When I started practicing aerial yoga, very few people were aerial yoga practitioners and little information was available, this encouraged me to search through my own practice in my studio with students and adapt ground-based yoga poses to aerial as well as creating unique sequences, transitions, Sun and Moon Salutations.

I lead aerial yoga classes, but also, courses for both: teachers, who want to teach and guide other people through aerial yoga magic, and those who want to deepen their practice at home. I have been running courses for over 7 years now and I am very happy to see how teachers are constantly improving and sharing the joy of aerial yoga with others. My aerial yoga teacher trainings are face to face intense 3-day-long course, mainly in Lithuania. Now I’m super excited to share this online course internationally and reach out to you – each beautiful flying soul worldwide!


This course is Yoga Alliance certified. Yoga instructors currently registered with Yoga Alliance will be able to use this course for continuing education credits.

Upon completing the course quiz, you’ll receive a certificate of completion which can be submitted to Yoga Alliance for 50 non-contact hours of continuing education.

2023 03 03-05 CamiYoga Oro Jogos Kursai Level 1-239.jpeg


I developed these course materials after 10 years of experience of teaching, practice and feedback from current and former students and instructors. 
All materials will be available to instructors throughout the program, accessible from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and includes
lifetime access to the program. Once enrolled in each level, you will automatically get access to new modules, content and lessons as they become available in that level.

Instructional Videos & Aerial Yoga Classes

Special 20% OFF code on all Aerial Silks/Hammocks & Rigging

Teacher Support

Course Quiz

Certificate of Completion

You will also get...

An Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Manual in PDF form which can be printed or saved to your devices.

Almost 200 pages of information to assist your learning with beautiful color photos & written descriptions including over 150 aerial yoga poses and exercises!


Meet Camille!

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I’m Camille Shakti and I’m the founder of Lithuania’s first aerial studio “CAMIYOGA” establish in 2014. As a lifelong student of the many yoga styles including hatha and vinyasa yoga as well as contemporary dance and movement therapy, have been honing my skills since childhood. My professional education includes the international Sivananda TTC (RYT 200H, Lithuania), World Peace Yoga School TTC (RYAT 300H in Rishikesh, India), aerial yoga TTC, Yin yoga TTC, Thai massage and Masters in public health & nutrition. 5,000+ hours leading yoga classes and teacher trainings, teaching more than 1500 students and preparing more than 300 aerial yoga teachers worldwide. I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-500, YACEP) with Yoga Alliance. I live and teach yoga in Lithuania and now worldwide through my online courses.


I have developed a unique method of aerial yoga with authentic CamiYoga Sun and Moon salutations, exercises and poses. I also organise various yoga events, workshops, retreats, Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings Level 1-2 and Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings Level Level 2-3, Restorative/Yin aerial yoga course in my studio and now released ONLINE 50Hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training courses in English. I have my Youtube channel CamiyogAIR of aerial yoga videos – full length aerial yoga classes, aerial trick tutorials, lessons and flows.

I invite you to acknowledge yourself through creativity and spontaneity, feeling the moment “here and now”, remembering playfulness as a child, expanding awareness in my aerial yoga classes, meditations, breathing sessions and other self-development practices. I strive to share my knowledge and joys of yoga and movement with you and together seek for well-being, harmony, peace, love for yourself and others.

"I invite you to join me on this magical flying experience and let’s meet in the silk!"


By joining this Online Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program, you will receive:

camiyogair online aerial yoga teacher training course ttc.jpeg
  • 100 video lessons including 8 aerial yoga classes, featuring around 25 hours of content and 25 hours of practice

  • An in-depth 200-page PDF teacher training manual with colour photos and easy to follow instructions

  • Learn over 150 different exercises and asanas

  • Yoga Alliance approved certificate of completion

  • LIFETIME special 20% OFF code on all Aerial Silks/Hammocks & Rigging

  • Teacher and community support. Join Facebook group Aerial Yoga with CamiyogAIR Student Community here!

  • FREE access to NEW CONTENT updated frequently.

549 EUR

Purchase 2 courses at the same time and save 20% (220 EUR)!

Purchase 3 courses at the same time and save 25% (387 EUR)!


"Dear Camille, thank you so much for this opportunity to attend an aerial TTC online. The course was awesome for me, very detailed, complete and I really enjoyed it. And in case we need a help, you are always avaiable. This is precious. I am very grateful to you! Thank you so much"

Claudia, Italy

"Dear Camille, I enjoyed the online course very much! The way you share your knowledge is so professional, valuable and super sympathetic! Although I already have an aerial yoga certificate that I obtained not online but in real life, I thought this one with you was so many times much better! Thank you !!!"

Isabel Drimer, Germany

"I really love your spirit Girl! 💖 Thank you so much for your jolly hard work to share the joy of aerial yoga with the world. Cant wait the L3 training and fly even higher with you. Warm, rainy and windy regards from Estonian girl who lives in England. Lots of love 💕"

Katlin Magi, UK

"Hey there! I love this course! I have recently attended an in-person aerial yoga teacher training course that was twice as expensive and didn't provide even 5% of the value that this course has."

Calina Ardelean, Romania

“One of the most amazing trainings that I had! I highly recommend it. I am feeling grateful for learning from Camille!”

Eva Karakoudi (RYT-200), Greece

I am very happy to have participated in the course. Complete, clear, full of interesting insights. An exceptional resource. I can't wait to start Level 2. Thank you Camille!!!

Valentina Margaria, Italy

“I liked it a lot. It was my first experience at taking such a course and I’m happy that I did with CamiyogAIR. Everything was super clear. I really didn’t have any questions, not because I’m not interested, just because everything was understandable. Thank you so much!”

Daria Krueger, Germany

"Cami, this was such a great course! I enjoyed it a lot. It was very clear and informative."

Whitney Matonis, USA

LOVE IT! Such a great course! I am eagerly waiting for level 2! :)

Margherita Stammati, Spain

“Thank you!! This has been a great course!!”

Jenna Price, UK

"Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge of yoga with us!! you´re really good and your explanations and instructions are clear and helpful. :) I look forward for the second level!"

Simonetta Cavarra, Spain

I really enjoyed the course! I have been teaching yoga for years and this course definitelly made me fall in love with AY! You are very clear and professional and most importantly you transmit a very genuine passione for this practice. I look forward to Level II and III !

Linda Germanis, Italy

"Hi Cami! I just completed the course and i loved it! So, thank you so much for sharing with us all your knowlwgde and experience. I also wanted to thank you because you have motivated and inspired me to one day teach classes in English and not only in my first language, Spanish."

Belén Zamora, Chile

Thank you for the wonderful, clear and precise guidance. I really enjoyed re- learning some foundations of Yoga and I really like how well you incorporate the Aerial side, with the

Classic Yoga Asanas.

Beautiful as always Cami



Canticle Clark, Canada

This was a fantastic course, I have really enjoyed learning with you, so much so that I have signed up for level 2! thank you Camille xx"

Jo Winter, UK

"Thank you very much . Lovely course. Well taught, plenty information. Perfectly set out. Help at hand when needed. Would definitely recommend"

Lynne Moreno, Spain

"Dear Camille

I loved goin