Are you thinking about having a silk at home? Well great news! Now you can buy your aerial yoga silk/hammock from me and hang it in your home or outside in nature! You can practice aerial yoga or relax cosy in a cocoon while kids will love to swing around in it.


You'll love experiencing the weightlessness of securely hanging upside down. Feel relief as gravity pulls on your head, neck, and spine decompressing. Your muscles will relax and the vertebrae in your back will open, allowing release of compression and pain relief. Whether you're looking to practice traditional yoga in the silk/hammock or an easy and portable inversion sling, this yoga hammock will exceed your expectations.


The silk set comes with eveything you need to start your flying experience!


Aerial yoga silk/hammock set:

  • Aerial yoga silk (high quality nylon tricot 100%, width 2,80 m, length 4,6 m)
  • 2 safety slings (length 60 cm)
  • 2 daisy chains (90 cm) – with these extensions it is easier to measure the height of the silk for each person or if you want to hang your silk on beam or tree trunk.
  • 2 carabiners
  • Instructions.
  • BONUS: Online Aerial Yoga classes to get you started!


Why CamiyogAIR Aerial Yoga Silk/Hammocks? 


My silks are made of the same same soft, silky and incredibly durable fabric as used in the Cirque du Soleil. Beware that elsewhere on the internet there are loads of low quality silks made of stiff, cheap, thin or scratchy parachute fabric or with the wrong dimenstions for aerial yoga. 


CamiyogAIR hammocks are wide enough for a person to lay completely in the fabric as it is 2,8 meters wide. The hammock fabric is lightweight and breathable, but very strong and it holds up to 150 kg. I have used these silks in my studio for over 7 years of my teaching and practice. We have over 150 satisfied customers who bought silk sets for their practice at home or other teachers and used in professional yoga studios.


How to Hang/Rig Your Silk?


Plumb line - vertical line in space that goes directly from the middle of your rigging in a straight line towards the ground. You can also think of it as the line in space where the fabric hangs loosely.


Mounting to the ceiling: 1 or 2 rings with bolts/points.

  • Strength of bolt 10 mm. Length of ring with bolt – 16 cm.
  • Distance between rings 25 – 30 cm, may be up to 40 cm (shoulder/hips width). Ensure that bolts are securely fastened to the ceiling.
  • Make sure, that the ceiling is strong enough to hold an adult.
  • You can use TRX mounting.


Hanging on the beam: 1 or 2 daisy chain (length 90 cm), wrapped around the beam and aerial yoga silk is hooked with carabiner.


Preparing the aerial yoga silk: with 2 loops - safety sling (length 60 cm)

Find the edge of the silk and fold it equally in your hand and then take the sling and wrap it 2-3 times around one folded end of the silk. Tighten the wrapping.


Distance around plumb line:

  • To the sides – at least 120 cm.
  • Behind and in front of the silk – at least 130cm.
  • Between the silks – at least 80 cm.
  • The more you leave space between the walls and silks, the more students will feel comfort. For the widest position such as Turbine circle is needed 180 – 200 cm radius.

Aerial Yoga Silk/Hammock Set with Daisy Chains

    • Wash it in 30°C temperature in washing machine.
    • You may dry it in the dryer, but using a low temperature cycle.
    • Do not iron your silk.

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